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Cute Feet


Our Partnerships with Parents

Parents play a crucial role in our curriculum, from letting us know what their child can do to offering insight into a child’s interests and intrigues.

Daily communication with practitioners gives us up to date knowledge of supporting children.

Parents are encouraged to update their child’s ‘All About Me’ journal termly and, attend parent breakfasts and evenings each term – this is where evaluation and achievements are shared.


Throughout the year we organise several events to involve parents and ensure support for learning in the home environment as well as the nursery. Making special time for Space Day, Easter, Home Reading and the shared ownership of Room Bears - to name a few!

Heaton Park View family support worker supports parents and families who are seeking extra help and support outside of the nursery, including providing guidance with sleep routines, behaviour management, eating, toilet training and much more. Available during term time and for home visits where needed.

Parents play a key role in planning methods and are asked to share their child’s interests, needs and significant experiences during the month to help support our teaching. This all helps to make a child’s learning journal unique and personal to them and the family.

Cute Feet

Keeping Your Little Ones Safe 

At Heaton Park View we take safety and security very seriously.

All staff are DBS checked and are on the regular update service.

We have cameras fitted throughout the nursery that ensure both staff and children’s safety. Our Nursery Manager can readily check the CCTV footage if an issue was to arise.

Entry to Heaton Park View is via a secure front door which is answered by a member of staff, via an intercom system.

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